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 Advertising Material Specifications

Material supplied as artwork to Australian Sky & Telescope must meet the following specifications:


  • Material to be supplied on disk (CD or Zip) or transmitted electronically. Hard copy film will only be accepted with prior arrangement.
  • Material to be MacIntosh format, Quark Xpress V4.0 or above, Adobe In Design V1.0 or above or Adobe Illustrator V6.0 or above only. PDF files will only be accepted for FP and DPS ads. A file translation charge will apply for material supplied in other formats.

Supplying Files

  • Clearly mark the exterior of your CD/Zip with your company name and product/service name.
  • If sending files electronically, place all files in a single folder and label it with your company/business name. Please do not use punctuation or symbols when naming files. Use underscores (_) not spaces in file names.
  • If sending artwork on disk, please include a hard copy of your Advertising Booking Confirmation Form. If sending artwork files electronically, please supply all booking details – particularly booked size and title of magazine issue in which your ad is booked.


  • All images must be high resolution (300 dpi) tiff or Mac format EPS files.
  • All images should be CMYK, not RGB.
  • Do not supply compressed images (eg JPEG) as this will lower the quality of the final printed image.
  • Do NOT include low resolution positional images. Send only high resolution (300 dpi CMYK) image files.
  • Do not embed Photoshop files within Illustrator files.
  • If you are using a Quark EPS in your document please supply the original image and its supporting files.
  • If you are supplying or using an Illustrator EPS in your ad please convert all type to outlines.
  • 20% dot gain should be built into separations.
  • Images that bleed across the page gutter should be double imaged 3mm on either side.


  • All fonts, including those used in Adobe Illustrator files to be included.
  • Use only Type 1 Postscript fonts. Do NOT use True Type Fonts.
  • Supply screen (suitcase) and printer (postscript) extensions for all fonts.


  • Supply the latest hard copy printout of your ad so that we are able to verify that all elements are sitting correctly in the document and that all fonts are rendering correctly.
  • A contract quality colour proof should always be supplied with your ad for colour matching purposes.